Saratoga County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 1, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

Followed Gary Fallesen's book. The Harrisburg Lake Club and Resort has new ownership, although still Polish. The owner showed me the start of the tracks, none of which could be driven, even in 4WD. Walked the ATV trail S and SW to the county line which is easily noticed because of private property sign and red blazed trees. About 2/3 mile in there is an intersection. You have to go right here as I found out by going left at first.

It was easy following the red blazed trees marking the county line. Of course, near the top I left the county line and went to the summit of Tenant Mt. No view up there and no markings at the summit. Mixed woods. This was my first of only 2 mosquito days of the trip. I was surprised by how little of a mosquito problem I had in the NE. Cold weather and rain?

Trip Statistics: hours, miles, elevation gain in feet = (4, 7, 1400)