Saratoga County High Point Trip Report

Tenant Mtn (2,756+ ft)

Date: April 21, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

See both the Galvin and Packard reports. The owners at the lodge in Harrisburg were again most gracious and invited us to park in their lot, so as to be sure we had returned safely.

The ATV road you want to hike on is maybe 100 feet before the lodge driveway. The fork Packard mentions at the 2/3 mile point is very obvious. If unsure, it's not the fork he mentions. Further along, the trail forks left to bypass a passable, but wet marsh crossing.

The county line is impossible to miss. Lots of large red blazes and yellow metal signs posted by the hunting club to the south in Saratoga County. Ignore various ribbons and blazes passed en route. We followed the blazes (county line) west across a wet area, then ascended through surprisingly open woods. As we got a little south of the county line, we found what was probably the jeep road mentioned by Galvin. This is an excellent ascent route from about halfway up the mountain, and led to the eastern end of the summit ridge, leaving an easy stroll to the summit in a spruce grove. Mark the point at which you meet the jeep road, so as not to follow it too far downhill and too far south.

Time to summit was 3 hours 15 minutes, of which two hours were spent climbing from the county line.