Saratoga County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 22, 2007
Author: Charlie Zerphey

We arrived too late to do this mountain on the 21st. Could not locate the lodge owner but the hunting cabin to the rear had a lot of activity. I was offered a brew (which I declined, believe it or not) and invited to set in on a poker game. I got lots of information and advice on how to approach Tenant Mountain the next day.

The ATV trail that starts about 100 feet before the lodge and goes right behind the hunting cabin is called the Mud Pond Road by the locals and the trail that it joins that is more east to west is known as the Old Military Road.

The hunting club members, mainly Stuart Strelsky, insisted that I stop on my return to have a brew. This time I took them up on their offer. Stuart said the Lodge owner was now over at the lodge and took me over and introduced me. The lodge owner is John McNeil and was very accommodating. As stated by past reports, highpointers are welcome to park there any time. If for any reason you need to contact Mr. McNeil, call 518-664-7556.

By the way, I used Mike Schwartz's report.