Schenectady County High Point Trip Report

spot elevation 1 mile SE of Braman Corners (1,456 ft) and one area 600 ft south (1,450+ ft)

Date: October 14, 2000
Author: Michael Schwartz

I parked in the same driveway as Dan Case, exactly one mile south on Herrick Road from NY 30 in Braman Corners. I walked along the 1,450+ ft contour to a fence line, which was open at that point, leading into very overgrown field. From this point, a hiker is pretty much out of view from the house at 1053 (not 1035) Herrick Road.

Angle through the chest high weeds and brambles toward the woods containing the larger 1,450+' contour and spot elevation 1,456'. At the low point of the swale between the two 1,450+' contours, there's a narrow marshy area. Step on tussock grass to keep the feet dry. Cross an old barbed-wire fence at the edge of the woods and enter the fairly open forest. The area is very flat, with highest ground appearing to me to be no more than 100' into the woods from the western edge. I walked all the way to the eastern edge of the woods, and found no other rises.