Steuben County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas on Call Hill; Jackson Hill; and one additional area (2,400+ ft)

Date: August 2, 2004
Author: Fred Lobdell

I generally followed Dan Case's and Mike Schwartz's directions for these areas.

Call Hill - western area

This was one of my favorite spots, and favorite HPs, on this whole trip. The area around the radio tower was in knee-high to waist-high meadow, with at least 10 species of wildflowers in evidence. There were several species of butterflies taking advantage of the flora, as well as some birds. It was absolutely quiet on top, restful and peaceful. I spent a few minutes admiring the flowers and butterflies before reminding myself that I had "miles to go before I sleep".

Call Hill - eastern area

This was as described in previous trip reports. The corn was only knee-high. and it was an easy matter to step across a few rows to the high area without damaging any of the crop.

Jackson Hill

As Mike noted, the roads in this area do not agree with either the DeLorme or the topographic map. At one point I came to an unsigned junction and had to get out of the car to figure out which way the intersection road was running, but once I got myself oriented, all became clear. I found it easier to go under rather than over the single strand of electric fence but someone taller with longer legs would probably find it easier to step over. I thought the two candidates for the highest ground were at the edge of the field next to the woods and near the field road entering this area. The woods were quite open and I could see no higher ground in them.

area at Flynn Road and Ridge Road

Follow Dan's and Mike's reports.