Tompkins County High Point Trip Report

Connecticut Hill (2,099 ft)

Date: July 14, 2000
Author: Dan Case

Take NY 13 south out of Ithaca to NY 327 (sign for Robert Treman State Park). Follow this a long, long way up past the state park lands to Trumbulls Corners Road (which has a sign for Connecticut Hill). Turn left. It ends at a three-way T intersection. Turn right, following Connecticut Hill Road signs.

This winds along uphill, with the white FLT blazes eventually coming in to join it, then following the sharp left onto Griffin Road. You will also start to see state-land markers on the trees for the Connecticut Hill WMA, the state's largest at 11,654 acres.

When this ends at Black Oak Road, turn left. You will shortly see the hill and radio towers ahead. At the next four-way intersection, go straight onto Tower Road. It curves around a bit to another three-way intersection, and the right-hand road and FLT blazes lead up to the tower. The highest ground appears to me to be behind the shed, but I didn't brave the deep vegetation that far.

There are no views, but "50 Hikes in Central New York" suggests there's one if you keep going down the road.