Washington County High Point Trip Report

Black Mtn

Date: December 24, 2000
Author: Keith Lynip

Trailhead: From Pike Brook Road; 2.8 miles to the summit.

Had no problem following the trail, which ascends steeply toward the end, despite our being the only ones up since the snow had fallen. Crampons would have been helpful since the snow was not deep enough to fully cover the numerous ice patches. Nevertheless it took us about 1:20 to get to the summit and 50 minutes down. As with any winter hiking, one of the challenges was keeping our body temperatures stable. We overheated on the way up and got chilled on the way down (thus the fast descent time).

The top: unfortunately, there was enough light snow in the air to prevent our getting any long distance views. Still, it was worthwhile. The view down to Lake George is truly dramatic. The noisy wind turbine is a little unfortunate if one is hoping for solitude.