Wayne County High Point Trip Report

spot elevation 1/2 Mile East of Johnson Hill (701 ft)

Date: May 20, 2001
Author: Don Wegeng

I used Gary Fallesen's book as a reference. The highpoint is on the property of 3755 North Creek Road, and since the landowner was suppose to be friendly the driveway was the obvious approach. I climbed it with my son (age 4) on foot, and daughter (age two) in a kid carrier backpack.

From the village of Palmyra, proceed east on the combined Routes 21/31 until you reach the outskirts of town, where Route 21 splits off to the left (northeast). Follow Route 21, and you'll quickly cross the Erie Canal, and then a railroad bridge. Then turn right (east) on the first street, which is North Creek Road. Proceed 0.8 miles, look for #3755 painted on some rocks at the driveway entrance. The house is not visible from the road. There's room to park a couple cars at the side of the road. Park the car at the bottom and head on up the driveway on foot. We ignored the No Trespassing signs.

The driveway heads up a moderate slope through wooded property. After about five minutes you come to a Y, with a sign on a tree with an arrow pointing to the right and the word "HOUSE". We headed for the house to ask for permission. A few feet past the split the driveway begins to curve around to the right, and a garage comes into view. The driveway continues to loop around back towards the south to the house. As we approached, the owner came out (alerted to our presence by his barking dogs) and after a brief conversation we received permission to head on to the HP. The landowner said that he has a copy of Gary's book, and indicated that the HP has not had many (any?) visitors since the book was published.

The HP is a couple hundred yards north of the house. Most of the way is along a mowed path through an open field, that gradually narrows until you notice the path starting to peter out. The HP is in the woods about ten yards to your right (east) along a small ridge.

On the way out there were probably nice views to be had from the area around the towers, but the kids were getting hungry so we headed straight back to the car (accompanied by one of the landowner's dogs). Round-trip time was less than thirty minutes (includes time spent petting the dog).

MSN has an old aerial photo showing the driveway (look for the upside down J) and the field, but not the Y and the towers.