Wayne County Highpoint Trip Report

spot elevation 1/2 mile east of Johnson Hill (701 ft)

Date: March 11, 2004
Author: Daniel Case

When coming up from the Thruway on 21, you will pass Hill Cumorah with its visitors' center and golden statue of the Angel Moroni on top commemorating this location's importance in the founding of Mormonism. It's worth checking out briefly if you're so inclined.

After getting through Palmyra and taking 21 over the canal and the creek, take note that North Creek Road comes up immediately on the right after you descend the second bridge and is a bit sharp and it's hard to read the sign until you're really close. The driveway to the Erkkilas is now flanked by two posts with the 3755 in gold lettering and an FCC access number for the tower. See website.

Mrs. Erkkila was in and gave permission, thinking we were geocachers, not highpointers, at first. They get a lot more of the former.

The walk up is a pretty straightforward 0.4 mile. You go to the back of the big old orchard behind the house, follow the wide grassy path a little bit and then the less-traveled path that forks off to the right and brings you to the highpoint area within a hundred feet or so.

There is an easily located at the base of a tree on the thin ridge just east of the path, which sort of ends here. See details.

Walk the 50 feet of ridgetop between the cache and the back property line to ensure having gotten the high area. Sign in at the cache if you like.