Westchester County High Point Trip Report

BM Bailey (980+ ft)

Date: January 11, 2000
Author: Michael Schwartz

Take Sleepy Hollow Road in CT west to dead end at NY State line. Hike on dirt road 10 minutes to first prominent hill on right. Bushwhack up the rocky knoll to high point. Bench mark is missing, but its position is marked in paint on the rocks. Witness post nearby.

Notes: The hole where the bench mark used to be is clearly visible on the rocks at the summit. Someone has painted "BM Bailey" in white paint right next to the hole. Dan did not mention this, but his description is right on, and he obviously was at the correct summit. The best way to the Sleepy Hollow Road dead end is to take Barracks High Road off CT 116, and work your way uphill through the maze of streets until you find Sleepy Hollow Rd. There is a NY-CT boundary marker right at the dead end. Round trip: 20 minutes.

Extra credit for boundary chasers: As you walk down the dirt road toward BM Bailey, turn left up the first significant notch, and try to find the NY-CT marker shown on the topo. It's on the left side of the notch as you walk uphill. Note that the state line makes a very slight bend to the NW at this point, which explains the location of the marker.

Extra extra credit for boundary chasers: To visit the major bend about one mile south of BM Bailey, drop south to Ridgefield CT, a lovely town, and pick up CT 102 westbound. Just before the NY line, take Rippowam Road to a point just above the last house on the left. Bushwhack across the ravine. Follow the contour of the hill above the marsh, avoiding loss of elevation. The four-foot high monument is fairly close to the cleared area below a visible white house.