Westchester County Highpoint Trip Report

BM Bailey (980+ ft)

Date: November 22, 2006
Author: Chris Gilsdorf

We returned for another attempt after an earlier failure largely based on lack of a map and detailed directions.

Previous directions from the CT approach are mostly accurate (an attempt at a shorter approach from CT 116 was fruitless), except for the small note that, just before the NY state line, there is a turn to the left onto Pine Lake Road, at the end of which is the trailhead. If the house nearest the state line is a geodesic dome, you've got the right one!

Easy approach; we made the easy bushwhack from the high spot in the woods road and were on top of Westchester County in 10 minutes. The orange survey post was on the clearly highest ground. We did not bother to search for the BM, or remainders thereof.

There was a slight view of mountains to the west through trees and higher ground across the state line could be seen.

Round trip: 20 minutes.