Yates County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas (2,140+ ft)

Date: August 3, 2004
Author: Fred Lobdell

Follow previous trip reports. We drove into Mr. Paul Cayward's farm yard, where he was doing chores. We chatted with him for a bit and then, with his permission, walked up to the high areas using a farm road a short distance west of his farm yard. He remembered Andy Martin's visit of a couple of weeks previously but we assured him that we weren't all like that. He told us about the time he caught a party of four or so highpointers, who hadn't asked his permission, walking up his field road. They were rather disgruntled at having to turn around and leave his land without attaining their objective and we gathered that one of the ladies had used distinctly unladylike language to express her disappointment. He remained unmoved, however.

Please be sure to ask Mr. Cayward's permission before doing this one; he's a decent guy and is responsive to a courteous request, but he does want to know who's on his land.