Athens County Highpoint Trip Report

sixteen areas (1,060+ ft)

Date: March 30, 2006
Author: James Wedekind

Areas 1 and 2: These areas were very nice on a dry 70 degree day in March. Park at a pull-off with numerous signs condemning the actions of Judge Ward and Sheriff Simms. Unfortunately, the diatribes are terribly written and hard to understand.

Area 7: No additional dirt has been added to the top.

Area 12: Had a nice chat with Mr. Ford at this area. His son is an AF pilot stationed in Germany and he is a Harley lover. I accessed the fields through a gate near the garage and didn't have to cross any additional fences. Nice views at the top and a bit of elevation change!

Area 15 and 16: Nice views from area 15. Area 15 is almost assuredly higher than 16.