Columbiana County High Point Trip Report

Round Knob on West Point quadrangle

Date: June 29, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

To reach this highpoint, start from the intersection of State Route 7 and County Road 425. Drive north on CR 425 for 1.9 miles to CR 424, then go south west on CR 424 going under Route 11, 0.3 miles from the CR 424 and CR 425 intersection, continue southwest for 1 mile to an unnamed road with a sign for the East Liverpool Beagle Club. Follow this unnamed road west for 0.1 mile to the intersection with Hammond School Road. Continue on Hammond School Road for 0.5 mile until seeing a drive to the south of the road with a sign for the Highpoint Running Preserve. Turn on to this drive and park. (The drive is shown on the Quad Sheet.) There is a trailer just to the east of this drive in which an older gentleman has a key to a locked gate to let you into the preserve. He was a pleasant man, and had no problem with me accessing the highpoint. The locked gate is 0.1 miles south of Hammond School Road. Continue on this dirt road for 0.2 miles to a second gate, which is not locked. From the second gate travel 0.3 miles on this dirt drive until you reach a crest in the drive, stop there.

The highpoint is located on the hilltop just to the east about 0.3 miles. Bushwhack through the underbrush to the summit.

Note: There where a lot of fox/dog trails crisscrossing the hillside. The highpoint is about 70 feet east of the benchmark, just to the west of the power line ROW. It looks to have pretty nice views when the leaves are off.