Hardin County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 22, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

three areas on the county line (1,140+ ft)

From the intersection of US 68 and Ohio 273, drive east for 1.9 miles. Turn left and go north 0.75 mile to the county line (not signed). Watch for a change in the pavement and a new gravel drive that goes off into the cornfield to the left (west). This is apparently going to be a development of some kind, because a pond has been constructed and there is a large cellar hole dug out in the cornfield to the west. There are actually three areas here, (1) a contour in the field to the east of the road on the county line, (2) a small contour immediately west of the road which retreats south and hits the county line, and (3) the largest area which makes up the ridge that runs west in the cornfield along the county line. The highest ground is to the west in area 3, but you must be careful because the land immediately south of the county line is even higher, so don't just gravitate to the highest mound you see. Estimating where the county line is can be difficult if you don't have a GPS with some previously researched way marks, due to the angle of the line and the lack of reference points in this field. Wander around liberally in this cornfield to be sure you've hit all three areas. This one may be much harder to access in the near future, depending on how quickly they develop this area.

three areas near the county line (1,140+ ft)

Return to Route 273 and continue east another 1.1 miles (3 miles east of US 68). Follow Route 273 as it turns north and proceed about 0.35 mile to where the road makes a dogleg to the right. Find a place to park near the signs on the north side of the road, and hike northwest out across this cornfield. Head for an open spot between some woods to the left and some brush on the right. When you leave the cornfield, you will have crossed into Hardin County. Area 4 is a modest contour with some prominence that sits in this opening. About 0.2 mile farther north, you will see area 5 which is out in the cornfield, just east of the woods. Area 6 is basically a "liner" along the edge of the woods, roughly 0.15 mile west of area 4. Area 4 appears to be the highest of these three spots. This site can only be accessed when the fields are clear.