Hardin County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 29, 2008
Author: Shannon Dillmore

The two Bobs' directions are perfect. For the western three areas, I agree that the largest area is the westernmost. I set a GPS waypoint at the western edge of where the county line and contour intersects. I then walked a straight line back to the county line/road intersection but did meander a bit north where it looked as if higher ground may reside. This area has not at all been developed. I saw some spent shotgun shells and some clay pigeons that didn't survive their last flight. No idea who owns the land; the occupants of the residences to the south of the area didn't either. It's still unposted, so I don't think visiting is a problem.

For the three eastern areas, I parked at a turnoff to an abandoned house and barn just north of the Hardin/Logan county line past the dogleg on OH-273 (the abandoned house looked to have beehives on the front porch and some recent tracks led to the barn, so I imagine the structures are used for storage). I then walked along the woods edge to the clearing marking what Bob Schwab called area 4. Area 5 (out further north in the cornfield) looked higher from area 4 but then area 4 looked higher from area 5. Area 6 was always in line for the bronze here. This was about 1.4 miles round trip.