Harrison County High Point Trip Report

seven areas (1,360+ ft)

Date: May 25, 2003
Author: Bob Schwab

one area north-northwest of Cadiz in section 6-10N-5W (1,360+ ft)

Exit US 22 at the Route 9 interchange north of Cadiz, and travel south on Route 9 for 0.35 mile to a road that intersects sharply from the right. Turn right, cross the RR tracks and follow this road 0.25 mile northwest up the hill to Mary Jane's Party Center (on your left). Take the dirt road that intersects on your right and drive another 0.2 mile. This road soon crosses US 22 on a bridge as it heads north. Watch for a fenced and bermed area on your left after you cross the bridge and park here along the edge of the road. There is an obvious ATV trail that cuts around these obstacles on the north side (not posted). Follow this path around the chain link fence and take the ATV trail that goes right (north) and ascends the pipeline right-of-way. The highpoint (area 1) is just west of the pipeline crest in the woods/brambles.

one area near Crawford in section 31-10N-4W (1,360+ ft)

From the US 22 and Route 9 interchange north of Cadiz, travel north on Route 9 for 0.6 mile to Toot Road. Turn right on Toot Road (TWP 189) and stay to the left at the first fork (stay on the dirt, don't cross the RR tracks). Follow this road for about 0.8 mile as it drops down and then rises through an old wooded coal mine area. When the road comes into an opening where there is a railroad crossing to your right, stop and find a place to park. Note that there are many ATV trails that go off in all directions from here. Cross the RR tracks and hike south on the ATV trail that parallels the RR tracks. When the path forks, take the left (east) fork which climbs a hill and swings east into an open grassy area (former coal mine). Keep following the road (better condition now) as it swings around a treed rise to a radio tower. The highpoint (area 2) is just west of this northernmost tower on the edge of a grassy/bushy/treed area.

one area in a mined out/reclaimed area in sectino 34-10N-4W (1,360+ ft)

From the US 22/Route 9 interchange north of Cadiz, travel northeast on US 22 for 1.8 miles to Baker Ridge Road (CR 51). Turn left and go north 2.3 miles to Hanover Ridge Road (CR 17). Turn left and drive northwest about 0.8 mile further on Hanover Ridge Road. Watch for an open grassy hill on your left (west). Go as far north as you can before the road drops down away from the grassy slopes. Park along the edge of the road and hike northwest up the grassy slopes where you will soon encounter a strong fence that seems to be going southwest. Go to the right side of the fence where there is an opening next to the bank and then head roughly west (or west-northwest) for about 0.25 mile across an open area that is beginning to support some trees and brush. The land will rise gradually to a broad flat grassy/somewhat brushy area with one notable dirt bump (man-made) next to a wet spot. This is apparently the highest ground that remains. My GPS indicated that the original high ground (area 3) was somewhat west of this location, but everything to the west is visibly lower. The elevation readings I obtained suggest that this ground is roughly 30 feet lower than the original contour. If you enjoy seeing wide-open, desolate places, this spot is worth visiting, but there is no longer anything even close to being a county highpoint in this area today.

three areas - including spot elevation 1363 in sections 25-11N-4W and 30-10N-4W (1360+ ft)

From the intersection of Route 9 and Route 151 just east of Jewett, drive north on Route 9 for 2.6 miles to Brown Hill Road (CR 19). Turn right on CR 19 and go east for .6 mile to CR 51. Turn south on CR 51 and after a short distance (0.1 mile), take the left fork (Baker's Ridge Road). In another 0.3 mile, you will find a drive/access point on your right that enters a large coal operation. Park here. There are signs that identify the coal company that owns the property, but there are no postings prohibiting entry. Hike west up the obvious road/path to a point where they have attempted to reclaim the mined out bluff. Hike directly up the slope to a large grassy meadow on top (area 4). I found the spot elevation 1363 site down toward the far side of the field, near a rusting bulldozer. From here, you can see a narrow wooded ridge to the south with a grassy path meandering down its spine. This path, which gets somewhat brushy and has briars in places, leads directly to the middle spot (area 5). A path forks off to the right that continues down into the brush, briars and tall grass to the lower spot (area 6) as well. When I visited, I was hurrying to beat a thunderstorm that was ominously close, so I didn't notice the ticks along these paths. When I returned to my van, I had to strip completely and do a thorough check of myself and my clothes (now in the pouring rain!). Luckily, no one came along the road to see this comical sight. Be prepared for the ticks before you enter this area.

one area as BM 1366 in section 27-11N-4W

Return to the intersection of Route 9 and CR 19. Drive north on Route 9 for 2.2 miles, passing through the hamlet of Germantown to the westerly intersection of Routes 9 and 646. Take the left fork and drive 0.1 mile west on Route 646 to the obvious radio tower in the field to your north. Drive up to the gate and walk around the fence to the west side, where you'll find the Ohio BM (1366 feet).