Henry County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 14, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

From the center of Archbold, drive south on Ohio Route 66 for 2.5 miles to the county line. Turn left and drive east for 3 miles on Henry County W to County 20. Turn right and drive south on County 20 for about 0.65 mile. Watch for a white house and barn on the left with a sign that says DOH-TUK RV Repair and Upholstery. Turn in at the RV Repair sign and follow a drive that skirts the south side of the house and ends at the large barns where the RV repair work is done.

Area 1 encompasses both the house and barns. Ask for permission to hike east from the old silo about 0.2 mile to a slight rise in the field which is area 2. Area 1 appears to be higher than area 2. The area between the house and barns is quite high, as is the yard immediately west of the house.

Continue south on County 20 to County V. Turn right on County V and go west for 1 mile to County 21. Turn left on 21 and drive south. At first, you will notice a large barn and a rise of sorts on your left, but this is an artificial berm, so continue south beyond the barn to a brick house on the left (mailbox U434). This house sits on the northeastern corner of area 3, which extends diagonally across the road and includes a grey house and barn to the southwest (mailbox U341). The highest spots in this area appear to be the yards surrounding the two houses. While checking the relative elevations of these two houses from a spot in the road to the south, I met the owner of the brick house, who assured me that the highest spot in the county was not here, but off to the southwest.

Continue south on County 21 to County U and turn right. Drive west for 0.3 mile to a white house and pleasant grounds on the north owned by Richard Nelson, and a brick house and the Hurst Dairy Farm to the south. The previous neighbor I had spoken to was correct, area 4 is higher than area 3 (per hand-level checks). The highpoint of area 4 is in Mr. Nelson's yard and can easily be visited as you approach to knock on his door. Unfortunately, Mr. Nelson was not at home, so I did not linger at this site.

Continue west on County U to the intersection with County 21A and turn left. Go south for just over 0.25 mile, passing a house (mailbox T-727) and barns on your right. Just south of the house is the contour of area 5 which extends west into a cornfield. Park along the side of the road and hike into the field far enough to satisfy yourself that you've stood on top of area 5.