Hocking County High Point Trip Report

two areas (1,220+ ft)

Date: June 23, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

You can easily get lost in the maze of roads in this area. From the intersection of Ohio Routes 56 and 159 in Leistville, proceed northeast 5.2 miles on Route 159, passing through the town of Tarlton, to the intersection with Pine Grove Road (dirt). Turn right and follow this road as it heads east, then north, then turns east again in 1.1 miles. Continue east another 1.75 miles to the county line where the pavement returns (a total of 2.85 miles from Route 159). From the county line, continue east on Pine Grove Road for another 1.35 miles to Chambers Road. Turn right and go south, then southeast 1.8 miles (this road turns to Middlefork Road at the bend) to the small settlement of Buena Vista, where Middlefork Road bends to the right. Bear left here and continue east on Buena Vista Road for another 1.8 miles to Jack Run. Turn right (south) and go 0.2 mile to Clapper Hollow Road, which angles off to the southwest. Follow Clapper Hollow Road 1.75 miles to its intersection with Carroll Road. Turn right on Carroll Road (dirt) and drive west for 0.2 mile to a wide intersection with another dirt road going south (Stump Hollow Road). Find a place to park here and hike the bank north into the field.

When I visited, the hayfield had just been cut, and the smell of fresh clover was delightful. The larger area is immediately north of the intersection where you've parked. There is a witness sign nailed to a telephone pole near the northern side of the field, but there is no trace of the BM indicated on the topo map.

A second smaller contour exists in this same field to the northwest. Hand level and back-sighting checks confirm that the southeastern area is the higher spot.

If you wish, you can continue going east on Carroll Road for 1.35 more miles to where it intersects with Middlefork Road. By turning right (north) and going another 0.35 mile, you will return to the small settlement of Buena Vista. Clearly this distance is shorter, but Carroll road is quite steep, rutted, and possibly muddy when wet, so I'd recommend you use the longer route I described (mostly paved) when traveling between the highpoints and Buena Vista.