Jackson County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 27, 2003
Author: Bob Schwab

You can approach this area from several different directions, but I came in on Ohio Route 335 from Waverly. From the intersection of US 23 and Ohio 335 in Waverly, drive east on Route 335 for 13.2 miles to a sharp right turn (10 MPH) and the intersection with Overly Road. Drive east on Overly Road for roughly 0.75 mile to where the pavement changes (the county line), and park on the right next to Jackson Lake.

Walk back to where the pavement changes and find a white and orange gas pipe on the north side of the road. There is a narrow, very steep path that goes up the bank here. Take it and it will soon top out in an old mine dump. I made the mistake of heading directly up the ridge behind the mine dump and encountered some challenging ledges. On my way down, I discovered that future visitors would be wise to stay to the right of the ridge and head north into the woods from the mine dump, then go left up the steep ridge to where there are gaps in the ledges. The actual highpoint on this ridge (the west side of the ridge, near a fallen tree and berry briars) is in Pike county. I walked up and down along the eastern slope of the ridge top (about where the edge of the 1040 foot contour line is) to make sure I'd stepped on the highpoint of Jackson County. There are no views here, but the climb is certainly challenging by Ohio standards, and rock climbers can really have some fun if they want to. Besides, you can soak your feet in the lake when you return to your car.