Jefferson County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 10, 2003
Author: Bob Schwab

From the town of Salineville, go south on Route 164 for 2 miles to Monroeville. After making a sharp right turn, continue on Route 164 for about 0.35 mile while watching for a driveway and sign on your left to a stable and the Paz family. Watch for the driveway shortly after you cross under the electric transmission lines. Turn in on this drive and go all the way back to a large brown house on the side of the hill. If the Paz family gives permission, you can hike east along the side of their property, and then turn south, cutting through a berry briar thicket to an abandoned field at the top of the hill. There is a small briar patch right at the top, with an Ohio benchmark set in a limestone column, about 1 foot above the soil line. This is BM 1388. If the Paz family isn't home, ask at the grey house on the way up the drive next to a red barn. I found an older lady there who gave me permission to park in her yard and hike up through the pasture to the south. You will have to cross two fences if you use this route.

When you return to Route 164, continue southwest for just a short distance (0.15 mile) to an intersection on your right (TWP 294, Ridgeway Drive). Turn right and watch for a driveway that climbs an obvious wooded knob on the north side of the road. You want the eastern driveway, which requires a virtual hairpin turn off from the road. There is a nice house set in the woods here owned by Ken Dunlop. He was very friendly, and we walked around his backyard to cover all the high ground. I believe the highpoint is back near trees and an old log playhouse/building that is falling down. Relative GPS readings lead me to believe that this area may be a foot or two higher than BM 1388. It isn't possible to do a hand level check because trees (near both areas) obscure the high ground.

You may want to consider visiting two of the highpoint sites in neighboring Carroll County while you are here, since they are just a few miles west.