Lucas County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 24, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

1 area at NW corner of county, with 718' Boundary Monument 46, 6-9S-5E (715+ ft)

1 area as spillover from Assumption map, 6-9S-5E (715+ ft)

From US 20 at the Lucas/Fulton county line, go north 3.4 miles on Fulton-Lucas Road, on the county line, to the Michigan state line. Boundary marker #46 is easy to find, just west of the road. Power lines run east-west along the state line, and provide an avenue for walking east into the fields. The area is very flat, with possibly slightly higher ground north of the west edge of the woods shown on the topo. With marker #46 already at 718 feet, there's not a whole lot of room for increased elevation to the east.

2 man-made areas on county line 7/18-9S-5E (715+ ft)

The area in section 18 is clearly a man-made berm. The area in section 7, just east of the road in the cornfield south of spot elevation 713 has some natural high ground east of the road. Work slightly uphill through the cornfield.

1 small man-made area on Sylvania Avenue, 18/19-9S-5E (715+ ft)

Clearly man-made, very slight rise, on Sylvania Avenue, 0.4 miles east of Fulton-Lucas Road.