Mercer County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas (1,070+ ft)

Date: April 3, 2005
Author: James Wedekind

These areas are on/near the Mercer-Darke county line. From route 49, near the southwest corner of Mercer County, turn west onto Mercer-Darke County Line Road. Follow this road 0.9 mile west to Jenkins road and turn north (right). I drove 0.2 mile north and parked on the side of the road.

The first area is a very large area that encompasses all of the closer wooded area east-southeast of the parking spot and much more territory to the east. I thought the highest parts of this area were near the northeast corner of the western wooded area, near the southwest corner of the eastern wooded area (there are man made rubble piles in the vicinity of both of these areas), or one of the undulations in the field.

The second area is a small area further east near a small lake. I walked along the southern edge of the eastern wooded area to access this point.

For the third area, I headed back to my car and traveled south to Mercer-Darke County line road and went west for 0.5 mile to the Will farm house. This is a spillover area from the south. I thought the two highest parts of this contour were (1) near a big rubbish pile at the end of the Will driveway and (2) just north of the road (M-D county line road) slightly west of the Will farmhouse.

While in the area try to hit Jay County, IN. It's only about 4 miles away and is just off the road.