Vinton County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 27, 2003
Author: Bob Schwab

From the tiny town of Londonderry (intersection of US 50 and Ohio Route 327), drive north on Route 327 for 7.6 miles to Clark Hollow Road and a sign for Tar Hollow State Park. Turn left and drive up Clark Hollow Road, passing some park buildings, for about 1.25 miles to a pull off on the right for the Buckeye Trail. You could park here, although I chose to continue up the road for roughly another 0.5 mile before parking. There are several wide grassy areas where you can park along the way, and (at 0.5 mile) there's a pulloff to the left. You've gone too far if you cross a new concrete bridge. The county line is not marked, and the highpoint requires a bushwhack up the ridge from the road, so park anywhere you want.

Find a spot where you can get across the creek, which has very steep banks. I hiked up the southeast ridge to the top and came down the southern ridge. Both routes have several places where you have to navigate through the green briars, so be prepared. I thought the highest spot was on the northeast portion of the contour (no views). When you visit the area, there is a second distinct rise to the south (where I spotted an old soda can), but it appears to be lower than the spot to the northeast. Except for the soda can, there was no evidence that anyone has recently visited this area.

This is another site where you'll encounter some moderately steep hiking and bushwhacking in Ohio. The best part of the visit was all the wild flowers that were in bloom along the creek.