Adair County High Point Trip Report

Workman Mtn - three areas on Stillwell East OK/AR, Evansville AR/OK and Big Round Mountain quadrangles

Date: April 27, 2002
Author: Hans Haustein

Bill Schuler's directions to the 'T' intersection and to the communications tower are accurate. However, from his trip report he did not mention the third larger area to the northeast. To reach this area continue east from the communications tower on the gravel road 0.3 mile to the east to a road/drive to the north follow this road 0.2 mile to the north to a point just across from the Adair Rural Water District water tower.

The highpoint of this large contour is about 75 yards to the west of this water tower in a fenced pasture with cattle. The rise is pretty gentle to the high area so one must walk about to satisfy this area. I could not see the area near the communications tower from the water tower highpoint due to fog, to do a hand level comparison.

I returned to the communications tower highpoint area and found the rock cairn that Bill Schuler mentioned, the gate was still unlocked and unposted.

To reach the third and final area return to the 'T' intersection and continue south 1.1 miles to a point just west of the third area. To access the highpoint, cross a barbed wire fence and go across a low rise before ascending the third area. The area is in a large field with an undefined highpoint so wander around a while. I was unable to determine which of the areas were higher due to low clouds and fog. Also the dirt roads were pretty muddy due to the recent heavy rains.