Carter County Highpoint Trip Report

one area 400 feet west of county line (1,290+ ft)

Date: May 31, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

on Fox Northeast quadrangle

Driving: From Interstate 35 and OK 7, west of Davis, OK, zero odometer.

  0.0   I-35 and OK 7 - go west on 7 toward Tatums
10.6   Carter County line - go straight
12.0   Hill Country Road - Turn left (south) - at the Sparks Ranch, get permission to hike
16.3   Road junction - go left (east)
16.5   Gate - park

Hiking: Walk the road east toward the high point area, about 1 mile east-southeast. This is rolling hill country and leaving the road, I used the GPS to zero in on the high point. Pretty area in the Arbuckle Hills and quite green at this time of the year.