Cimarron County Highpoint Trip Report

Black Mesa (4,973 ft)

Date: September 21, 2002
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

This report was at the OK Convention. Turn north a half mile east of Kenton, OK, following signs for Colorado. Drive 5 miles and park in the parking lot on the left. The hike gains 750 feet in 4.3 miles. The first 2.2 miles are fairly flat but the third gains 500 feet (and 300 of those are in the last 0.3 mile). The last 1.1 miles are flat again along the ridge top. The top is marked by a 9 foot high granite monument with a flat top (although there are higher spots on the Mesa in NM). Nice views!

When you return to the parking area, cross the road and visit the dinosaur tracks in the creek bed. If you enjoy them, you can see many more 40 miles away at Clayton Lake SP, near Clayton NM.