Comanche County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 24, 2002
Author: David Olson

We started from a road corner, located 1.5 miles east-northeast of the HP. We hiked 0.5 mile west- southwest across the prairie, picked up a road, hiked that 0.1 mile west, then 0.1 mile south and, with a fence and gate, 0.5 mile west up a canyon. The road got progressively fainter. Next, we chose to turn south up a side canyon, following an ATV track/cattle trail (with fence and gate). Third we turned west and hiked up the gully between "Comanche Peak" and its south sub-peak, 0.4 mile. The center of the gully has moderate-slope, but that whole face is quite brushy.

At the saddle we turned north for 0.2 mile and 170 feet of gain. It is a steep boulder slope, boulders 6-feet cubed or larger, with an occasional short cliff. Up on top Bob Martin sighted with his level among the candidate top rocks. The top rock is the east-most candidate top-rock, has a 1-foot x 1-foot x 8-inch loose rock set on top of it and is comparatively easy. The 3rd and 4th highest rocks are harder. I rate the top 170 feet class 3.

The whole trip took us 5:45 hours. Bob found that while we were gone someone had stopped at his car and removed the valve cores from all four tires. We found replacement valve cores in Hobart OK. See Kiowa OK for nearby coHP and nearby historic information.