Craig County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 11, 2002
Author: Jobe Wymore

At the junction of OK59, OK10 and OK2 near Welch, Oklahoma head west on OK10 for 8.4 miles to the junction of S435 Rd. A huge tower is nearby. Turn right on S435 and head north for 4.7 miles until you come to a "T" intersection. Hang a left and 0.6 of a mile later the road swings to the right (north). At this point, a lesser dirt road extends straight (west) and has an iron, locked gate across it. Nice pull-out spot nearby and you want to pull into it so you can start your way towards the first 2 of the 3 possible area's.

There was a old, wooden sign on the gate but all the letters were worn off and nothing else was posted so I hopped the gate and followed the old dirt road. The road crests about 200 yards later and then lose a little bit of elevation and then starts to gently climb again. All this time, a barbed wired fence is off to the left, running west to east. At the point where the road gently started to ascend we found a nice place to roll underneath the fence and head toward the HP areas, which are southwest of you at this point. Easy walking around cow patties brought us to northernmost of the 2 areas which is by an old, dug out watering hole with large excavated rocks around it.

The second area from here is reached by just continuing south roughly 230 yards. An old track runs between the 2 contours making for easy walking. The BM was located in southern contour surrounded by 3 piles of rocks, BM Speers 1958. Southernmost area is clearly higher of the 2.

To reach the 3rd and final spot, get back to your car and continue as the road curves for another 3.8 miles until the road hits another "T" intersection. Now it's on the Kansas state line. Take a right onto E10 Road (state line road) and after 1 mile a lesser dirt road on the right extends south. Directly across the road on the Kansas side is going to be a State BM, established in 1958 that didn't appear on any of my maps but was easily spotted. Turn right down this lesser road, which might be hard to drive in a passenger car when wet, and follow it as it gains elevation until it peters out a half mile later.

It ends in a field that is sectioned off with barbed wire fences. We got out and followed the fence line running north-south, crossing another one en route, for about 200 yards till fence line crested. Immediately to the left on the east side of the fence in the field is the 3rd and last HP area for the county. This area had great 360-degree views of the countryside.