Dewey County Highpoint Trip Report

one area on county line (2,350+ ft)

Date: November 24, 2007
Authors: Dave and Beckie Covill, John Mitchler

Bill Schuler and Walt OíNeill posted trip teports previously but Waltís mileage related back to the Woodward cohp is off by a lot (12 not 4 miles), and Billís is brief.

Coming from the east, proceed west on US 60 from Vici OK for 4.7 miles. Coming from the west, proceed east on US 60 from Harmon OK for 10.0 miles. Either way, arrive at the Dewey-Ellis county line. Turn south on NS 203 RD, and drive 0.6 mile from US 60 to a noticeable rise on this decent gravel road. Stop here and pull off on the east side.

There is a driveway here and this poor dirt lane winds downhill eastward towards a house in the valley below. Notice a mailbox on your left. Roam a bit in the vicinity, no more than 20 feet in any direction, and call it good. While it would seem to be a liner from the topo, notice that the land dips down in a 360 degree arc; you are atop a hill that happens to be more or less bisected by the county line. The high ground may be a few feet onto the Dewey side of the road, in brush and grass, or it may be under your vehicle, all pretty flat. This is an extremely easy COHP to visit and could be done in dusk or darkness if you didnít mind thrashing about in headlight ambience.