Jefferson County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 25, 2001
Author: Dave Olson

I drove from the state highway around the north side of the HP and then to a "trailhead" 1.1 miles east of the HP. Another way is to start at US 81 and the north county line. Go two miles north on US 81, then five miles east and two miles south. In two places I saw open gates in the barbed wire but decided not to used them.

I hiked west, dodging stock tanks and ravines and slipping under fences until I got close, then headed straight for the south HP area. The south area has a prominent bluff outlier. The south area has some noticeable prominence.

I tried to pace the distance to the north area. The top here is very indistinct. I had doubts that the fence is on the county line, but inspection against the bluff edge indicates that the fence is approximately the county line. I gridded the area both north and south of the fence.