Johnston County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 17, 2002
Author: Fred Dale

Directions: Drive east from Sulphur on Oklahoma Highway 7, seven miles to Highway 78 at the railroad tracks. Backtrack a few hundred yards to the driveway that goes south off of Highway 7 to the ranch home of Roger and Ernestine Kite. The very cordial Mr. and Mrs. Kite shared a breezy mid-day conversation at the cohp in their yard. He considers the surrounding terrain part of the Arbuckles, and extolled the beauty of nearby Sulphur, home to the lovely Chickasaw National Recreation Area. [Chickasaw, by the way, is the former Platt National Park, one of the first, and formerly the smallest of our national parks. I visited Platt in 1968.]

The cohp is in their yard, either on the west side near the front door, the southwest driveway area, or the east fence line of the yard. Note that this is a two-area county. Using sight-leveling, I could eliminate the small north contour interval from contention. Similarly, I could eliminate ground in the southwest tail of the larger home contour. All of the two contours' acreage is on the Kite ranch.

Give 'em a call, or drop a line. The Kites are great folks.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kite
RR 2, Box 77
Sulphur, OK 73086
(580) 622-2759

topo chart
map coordinates: (34° 30' 9" N, 96° 51' 53" W)