Kay County Highpoint Trip Report

five highpoint areas (1,310+ ft)

Date: September 2, 2001
Author: David W. Olson

Directions: I started from the small city of Newkirk. From downtown, head east on a paved road. In Cartesian terms the object is to head east 10 miles, then north just over 6 miles, and the roads mostly follow the public survey section lines but it isn't that easy because the turn north at the 10 mile mark will do you no good.

From Newkirk drive east either 9 miles or 11 miles. Turn north and go 2 miles. Go east, or west, 1 mile to get to the 10 mile meridian. Go north 2 miles, jog a bit east at the township line and go 2+ miles further. The radio tower seems a good place to park. The five highpoint areas are all west of the road. Three of the highpoint areas are flatish on top of this mesa. The other two crown a smaller hill a mile to the south-southwest.

So just go do it. From the radio tower hike a little left of northwest, over the first HP area, to a junction with the north arm of the plateau. Head out to the end of the north arm to get the second HP area. Return to the junction and wander southwest over the large third highpoint area. Then drop south of the mesa and head for the second hill. Bypass the first hill (1300+ feet). Climb the second hill and visit its north and south ends. The hike to the second hill was the most enjoyable part of this ascent. I also noted a good view to the east. Use a map to get a good sense of the area.

I returned to Newkirk for supper and to spend the night. When I drove east again the next morning I could recognize the Kay County highpoint at 10:00 direction in the distance.

topo chart