Kiowa County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 26, 2002
Author: David Olson

After Bob Martin's experience with "Comanche Peak", he wanted to obtain permission before climbing this peak. We considered Bill Schuler's route and the US-CGS BM access route, and we decided to instead ask at the ranch north-northwest of the peak. The wife gave permission and said that they are selling the mountain. We found a tower-access road that goes 4/5-ths of the way up; the remainder is okay cross-country.

At the top, Bob checked the top-rocks with his sight-level and concluded that a rock in the center, with a metal pole and a gnarled tree-branch leaning against it, was the highest. During the ascent we scared up a feral pig. And I found lots of wild onions, first I have found of those.

Driving away, about 2.5 miles to the south-southwest, is a large historic marker stone noting the Massacre of Cutthroat Gap committed by the Osage against the Kiowa in early summer 1833. The actual battle site is about 1 mile south of the Comanche OK CoHP.