Latimer County High Point Trip Report

Buffalo Mtn (2,120+ ft)

Date: February 7, 2003
Author: David Olson

The Latimer county HP is west of Talihina. The beginning of this road is not at all easy to spot. Less than a mile up OK Highway 63A we had to choose at a fork. The correct choice is the less-obvious, left fork. At the Veteran's Center we followed what looked like Grounds-Roads around the right, then behind, to get to a poor-quality road going south. In a short distance that poor-quality road comes to a better quality road going in the right direction. Follow it to the end of the road. The highest point appears to be one of several rocks in the woods behind (west of) the tower complex. One of the rocks looks like it may have been rolled. The rest look natural.

For the east area, head east to 0.1 mile east of the section line fence, then bushwhack north. We hand-leveled and thought the west area was higher by 7 feet or so. On the way out we took the good-quality road all the way out. It comes out on the south-side of the Choctaw Treatment Center, which is a short distance west of the Highway 63/63A junction on Highway 63.