Latimer County High Point Trip Report

Buffalo Mtn (2,136 ft)

Date: April 14, 2003
Author: John Garner

I followed the trip reports published on the web site; no problem. For future visitors, don't worry about trying to find the "poor quality road" behind the veterans center like the others and I did. A good road comes out at the Choctaw Health Care Center, on OK 1\63 just west of the junction with OK 63A. Turn north into the hospital; within 100 yards reach a 4-way intersection; turn left, then an immediate right at a dead end. You are now on a road paralleling OK 1, heading west. The road turns to gravel; stay on the main path. At about one mile, the gravel road forks - stay right, and head north. From there, stay on the main road all the way up.

A word of warning: I thought this hp was on public land; it's not. About 1/4 mile from the end of the road, there is an open cattle guard (no gate), with well-placed posted signs. I played dumb, and drove to the end of the road - there is an old lookout tower adjacent to a ranch house, and I called out, but no one answered. Agree with others that the lookout tower is higher than the east area.

Great views along the approach road, particularly at an overlook on the south side. There is a stone wall and some sort of bunker thing, but there is a wide open view of the valley 1500 feet below. Quite nice, especially for a place within a few hours of Dallas. Every bumblebee and wasp in Oklahoma lives there, though.