Le Flore County High Point Trip Report

six areas

Date: April 2001
Author: John Garner

These are six areas along the Talimena Scenic Drive, patterned after the Blue Ridge Parkway. The drive runs from Talimena, Oklahoma to Mena, Arkansas, about 40 miles. It's called OK 1 in OK; AR 88 on that side. I picked it up at the junction of US 259, south of Heavener. Zero odometer there.

Pts 1 and 2: At mile 6.1, turn left at a paved road. The road is gated just off the highway; a large sign says that trespassers and terrorists messing with FAA radar equipment will be prosecuted federally. Hmm. It was totally foggy, nearly dark. Not a soul around, so I jumped over the gate anyway, figuring to play dumb and say I thought the sign meant only not to disturb the radar. About 50 yards up the road, you see the radar facility. Area # 1 is just behind the facility. To reach Area # 2, walk further down the road. About 200-300 yards past the radar, the road tops out and continues. The hp is the second area nearby - the top of a pile of rocks.

Pts 3 and 4: At mile 9.0, pull off highway into the grass where you can. Climb about 200 yards up the slope to the north of the highway. Any of you who have done a "laurel bushwhack" will have flashbacks - ouch. The hps are along rock outcrops at the top. Views would be nice, except there was pea soup fog at the time I was there.

Pts 5 and 6: At mile 14.7, pull off again. Two hps on a rock outcrop just above highway.

Notes: Using my GPS and my altimeter watch, I estimate that point #3 is the highest. I can't be absolutely certain, though.