Le Flore County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 17, 2007
Author: Jerry Brekhus

The six candidate spots for this county highpoint are approached via the Talimena Scenic Drive so named because it stretches from near TALIhina, Oklahoma to MENA, Arkansas. This road presents surprising views considering that the highest elevations here are lower than the lowest point in Colorado. The summits are not so high but the valleys are really low.

I numbered the spots 1-6 from west to east. They are found as three areas, each of which consists of twin hills very close to each other. We parked near the first hill and hiked up to the top. There we found a pole just several feet tall that may be some sort of antenna structure. From there we followed a little used road cut through the brush to Hill 2, which is occupied by some more substantial communication equipment. The highest ground here appeared to be just north of the fenced area.

Returning to the Talimena Scenic Drive, we went a few miles east to visit Hills 3 and 4. Observation showed Hill 3 to be higher. The thorns were surprisingly nasty, considering that it was only necessary to bushwhack a few yards from the road to reach the rocky top. As often happens, my efforts to lead us back an easier way got us into even more thorny stuff. Betty's legs still show several scratches. Our snake gaiters would have been useful in the tangles we went through.

Hills 5 and 6 are very near the Arkansas state line and really close to the road. The highest points seemed to be atop rocks that form a sort of wall about five feet high. The vegetation here was easier to deal with than back at Hills 3 and 4.

If I had to guess, I would guess that Hill 3 in the middle area is the highest but that is pure conjecture because the three pairs of closed contours are much too far apart to make any direct comparison.