Lincoln County High Point Trip Report

seven points on Horseshoe Lake quadrangle (1,200+ ft for six and one with BM 1,206 ft)

Date: August 26, 2001
Author: Bill Schuler

The 7 areas of Lincoln County are all off the road that runs along the Oklahoma/Lincoln county line on Highway 62.

I started from the north about 2 miles north of Highway 62 at a road going east and a locked gate. I walked east on this road going over the 1st area.

The road ended just before the 2nd area at BM 1206.

I rambled southeast to area 3, then south along a road to area 4 and continued south-southwest to a large area #5, roaming around a bit.

Heading west, I got #6 and southwest to get the last, #7.

Dropping down the ridge to the west got me back to the county line road and a little more than a mile later I was back at my car. The 1,206 ft BM seemed highest, but who knows? Leveling wasn't conclusive. All points (bumps) are within a mile or so of each other.