Mayes County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 9, 2002
Author: Jobe Wymore

At the junction of OK Alt 412 and NS448 which is in the center of the town of Rose, set the odometer and head south on NS448. At 0.4 mile, it will cross over the Cherokee Turnpike and at mile 2.9 the paved road swings to the left while a dirt road continues straight. Keep straight and at mile 3.4 the dirt road will fork. Continue straight heading uphill until at mile 3.6 a lookout tower is reached.

A private residence is nearby the lookout tower and a lady who lives there gave us permission to walk around a bit. BM Salina, 1939, was found on the west side of the road while a witness sign is wired to the front gate of the fence that surrounds the lookout tower.

GPS-derived coordinates - (36° 10.057' N, 95° 1.611' W).