McIntosh County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 13, 2003
Author: Bob Packard

From the intersection of OK 52 and OK 9 north of Hanna, we drove 1 mile east on 9 and went north on Old OK 52 (you can still see old signs) to a very short bushwhack south in oak to the west area.

Back out to OK 9 we drove east to Raiford, then north about 1.25 miles to park at a locked gate with sign for Canadian River Ranch. Hopped the gate and walked north then west up a hill to a nice big house (no one there - looked closed up for the season). This house is on the opposite side of the road from that indicated by the USGS map. We then walked tracks north then west back up to the road shown on the map. We suspect that a road going north through the yard of that big house would have gotten us there, too. Anyway, we followed the road northwest into Section 27, cut diagonally across a pasture with cattle to pick it up again into east edge of Section 28 and climbed directly up grassy, somewhat rocky, slopes to the middle area (GPS checked) in Section 28.

Back to point 854 in Section 27, then we bushwhacked east across a drainage and steeply up to east area through oak and some grass. Very obvious hp at rock outcrop. GPS checked.

Back to road taking a south-southwest route then back out to our vehicle.

Trip statistics: 5 hours, 8 miles, 1,000 feet of gain.

I believe this turns OK a collective GREEN!