Murray County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 12, 2003
Author: Bob Packard

From Hennepin, OK we drove south to the Hennepin Cemetery (see USGS map) and parked on the road beside the cemetery. A few yards south is a dirt road with locked gate heading east.

We walked this road about 2 miles east and, after passing a nice house on the left (north), we left the road taking tracks south down into and up out of a drainage. When it veered west we left this and started bushwhacking east crossing grassy tracks at some point, which we disregarded. Went up the hill containing area #1, the west one. Sumac, juniper and lots of oak. Built good cairn on summit at (34° 28.056' N, 97° 16.679' W).

Next we bushwhacked due south and fairly quickly picked up bulldozed tracks going east-west. We went east. It went east, then south, then east and got into the West Garrison Creek drainage. At Garrison Creek it veered south and we picked up more tracks crossing the creek and going past a house of slum character near the creek on the east side and up very close to area #2 which we got with short bushwhack.

ATV tracks kept going east-southeast to very near area #3 which we did with another short bushwhack, the hp being in the bulged part of the contour.

ATV tracks kept going to area #4 (lower than area #3) with very rocky pasture to the south.

Took ATV tracks and bulldozed tracks all the way back to south of area #1 and beyond to the west. When they veered south we bushwhacked west, then north down into Squirrel Creek and picked up tracks which took us to the east-west road we had started in on. Thence back to our vehicles.

The owner of the land (at least at the beginning of our hike) lives down the road south of the cemetery and would appreciate being asked permission to walk east of his locked gate.

Trip statistics: 10.75 hours, 17 miles, 1,100 feet of gain.