Okfuskee County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 23, 2002
Author: Bob Martin

The two areas are widely separated.

For the northern area, drive US82 west from Okemah, which is at I40 exit 221. Drive west on US82 to 3 miles west of Boley. Where the highway swings to the north, go straight ahead on a paved road. Follow this road about a mile to address 241. See Mr. Worden for permission to walk on his land to the hp. The north-south road shown on the topo that splits the hp area is no longer there. Mr Worden said there had been no road there for many years. It's now a grassy area. It's a pleasant walk to the hp area and it takes some walking around to try to find an exact hp. You need to cover the grassy area and an area of bushes and trees. For the southern area, drive a mile and a half west on US82, 6 miles south on road 979, and a half mile east. If you were to drive 0.2 mile farther east, you would be just a few feet south of the hp, but you wouldn't want to go north through a fence and very thick brush. Instead, enter a probably locked gate at the 0.5 mile point. This is one of those cases where you reach the hp before you get to the house to ask permission. The hp is just north of the road leading to the house. The folks there would probably like to see visitors anyway.