Okmulgee County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (1,077 ft)

Date: November 27, 2004
Author: David Olson

The roads shown near the HP on the 7.5-minute map have been superseded by new road building and have been abandoned. Use both the 100K and 7.5-minute maps. The roads shown on both maps near the HP should be ignored. Roads shown only on the 100K map are correct.

I had used a photocopy of the 7.5-minute map and came from the north. I encountered a locked gate and hiked up the 250 feet gain from there, to find exurban development. Because of uncertainty, I climbed several hills.

Here is the recommended route. Start in the town of Mounds OK. Go south on Alternate US 75 (old US highway 75). One mile south of the Creek/Okmulgee county line turn right (west) on Hectorville Road. Go 2.6 miles west to North 153rd Road. Turn right (north) and go 0.6 mile to a T-junction. Turn left and go about 1.8 miles to a left turn, signed "Adams Road." Go about 0.3 mile to the access road for the Quail Creek water tank. Look for the HP in the woods behind the water tank.