Ottawa County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 11, 2002
Author: Jobe Wymore

At the junction of MO60 and MO43, head south on 43 for 6.3 miles until you reach the junction of MO43 and MOB. Instead of making a left on MOB take a right on a dirt road that is heading westward towards Oklahoma. Set the odometer at this point. The road will fork at 0.4 mile but continue straight. At mile 3 you will reach a 4-way intersection with a paved road. Turn left/south and at mile 4.2 pass the Fisher Flats Church and at 4.3 the pavement is ends. Keep going straight through junctions with E200 Road and through E202 Road which is passed at mile 4.6. Again you will continue straight past the junction with E205 and finally at mile 6.4 you'll reach the junction with E215, breaking off to the right. Turn west onto E215 and at mile 7.4 you'll reach the junction with S763 Road. Turn left and after going 0.2 mile further the road will crest. Park off to the side at this point.

The area with the BM in it is just a short stroll up the hill off to your right (southwest) through brush and some trees. A witness marker is located off the side of dirt track that runs across summit area and BM Tiff 1960 found in the brush nearby. A register was left by the true BM in a small pile of logs.

To get to the second and last area, get back in the car and make your way back to the junction with E205 that you passed getting here. Once you get back to the junction with E205, set the odometer and head east. After going 0.7 mile the road is going to "Y". Stay left here and follow the road as it wraps around a little hillside. At mile 1 you will notice a road of sorts that goes to the left and heads towards a unposted red gate. The gate was open and we turned off here and drove through. The road continues and immediately starts to gain elevation as it climbs the side of the second HP area. It soon tops out in a cleared area that the now-narrow road goes right through. Barbed wire is on both sides of the road at this point. We parked right before this and wandered the cleared-out area hitting spots here and there. There are some mounds on both sides of the clearing in the trees but they appear to be man made. Also, down on the main road by the red gate, is a home soon reached if you continue on down the road. We didn't ask for permission to enter the area. It was too early in the morning.