Ottawa County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 15, 2004
Author: Bob Packard

Bob Martin, Art Tauchen and I did this one using Jobe Wymore's report of February 11, 2002.

For the second area that Jobe mentions it is a good idea to drive a little beyond the "road of sorts that goes to the left" and go to the next house on the right and ask permission to drive up the aforementioned road. The owner met us as we drove out and was mildly upset that we hadn't done that. We got to the open area that Jobe mentions.

Jobe seems to imply that the hp area is in or near this open area but map and GPS tell us that this is not the case. The hp area is about 0.7 mile northeast in deep woods. This area would be all but impossible to find without GPS.