Pawnee County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 8, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

To drive to the Pawnee Co. HP I had to travel a short distance on the Cimarron Parkway. They had a self service tollbooth that only took correct change.

There are 4 areas to canvas for Pawnee, and I started on the southernmost. A bunch of young trees obscured the view on the flat area, so I wandered around them.

Next I went to the westernmost area. This was more interesting, with a ruined barn on the ground a bit south of the HP. This looked like an old pasture, with lots of fairly big trees in the area. Next I drove over to the area just south of the Turnpike. You get a good look at the cars whizzing by here. I also walked over the bridge (manmade) just in case.

The last area is shown with a BM on it. A house is just east of it. I walked west a bit south of the house, then angled back to the hilltop. The BM is stamped Meramac 1935 (year), and a witness post is nearby (?). I was glad to get back to the car and escape from the heat, if only temporarily.