Pottawatomie County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 22, 2002
Author: Bob Martin

These 4 areas are scattered, and need to be done on 3 or 4 separate walks.

From I40 exit 178 west of Shawnee, drive south 6 miles on OK102. Find a good road leading west. This point can be reached by driving 2 miles north on 102 from OK9 west of Tecumseh. Drive west from OK102 for a half mile to where the good road turns left and heads south. Continue west on the road marked dead end for 0.2 mile and then turn left on a good gravel road that continues 0.3 mile winding to the top of the hill. This appears to be a road preparing for housing development. This puts you near the center of the large central contour, west of a tower. The HP of this area is near the end of the road, but there is quite a bit of territory to cover that is fairly flat.

For the area southwest of the large area with the tower, I walked southwest from the end of the road. This was through tall weeds and across 2 fences. The hp area turned out to be southeast of a brick house. This would make it appear that there would be easier access to this area from the west.

For the third area, return to OK102 and drive south 0.7 mile. Turn right and go west to a house. With permission, find the high area, which appears to be in back of the house.

The 4th area is several miles west. It is near the center of the section. Drive 1.3 miles south, 3 miles west on OK9, and 1 mile north to get to the southeast corner of the section. My route, from the south, with permission, through an oak thicket, is not really recommended. A route from the east appears to have lots of brush. Perhaps a better route could be found from the north or west.