Rogers County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 8, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

This county has 2 small areas separated by 1/4 mile. While preparing my maps I incorrectly wrote "1 area" on the xerox. This blunder proved costly, as I only visited the western area on this day, but was informed about the eastern one once I reached NC.

The western area sits right under a trailer, the owner climbs the HP every time he comes home. This was my first landowner contact on the drive, and I was nervous as I walked down the lane and over to the owner, who was mowing his grass. He was friendly, and let me stroll around a bit. He has a nice view to the south. We discussed the high ground in the vicinity. Extra miler nuts will not want to miss Craig County, only 1/2 mile to the north.

The second area was not picked up till 7-5-99, on the family's drive back across the country. This area does not appear much higher than the nearby road, odds are that the larger western area is higher. The eastern area has a cleared part that is probably its HP. The fence along the road is posted for no hunting.