Woods County High Point Trip Report

four areas (2,140 ft)

Date: May 28, 2002
Author: Scott Surgent

From the community of Camp Houston at the junctions of OK 50 and US 64, proceed north on a paved road for nearly 9 miles to a T-intersection. The pavement ends at about 8.5 miles. (Note: this paved road is a locally maintained road on the same N-S alignment as OK-50, which ends at Camp Houston). Four areas mark the HP: 2 in a rough U-shape marked by elongated contours, and 2 smaller ones about 1 mile to the east-northeast.

From the T-intersection turn left (west) and drive 2.7 miles to a fork with a sign pointing to "Cowboy Cemetery/Wares Ranch", which follows the right fork. Go left instead about 0.9 mile to a road on the left at a cattle grate. This road trends south and west and passes over the largest of the 4 HP areas. I got out and walked 3 separate areas where the land seemed to rise, coinciding with the "fattest" parts of this single elongated contour.

For the westernmost area, park where the road starts to head south again and lose elevation, and walk west to a fence line across low grass scrub. Walk north a bit to sufficiently cover this area.

For the 3rd and 4th areas, go back to the Cowboy Cemetery junction, and retrace your route. At about 0.15 mile, just past another fork (you stay right), the road crests on one area. The higher land seemed to be to the south. The 4th area is about at 0.3 mile from the Cowboy Cemetery junction, just south of the road. (You can easily hit these on the way in, but I found it easier to get them on the way out in order to better orient myself with the various junctions as landmarks).

I strongly suspect that the highest area was one of the humps in the elongated contour with the road over it. All four are easily visited. There are no fences nor restrictive signs. The roads are good. Nice views, too.